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The International Association for Immigrant Women IFFI was established in 1968, and IFFI-Stockholm is the largest local branch of the 30 Swedish Federation of Immigrant Women's Organisations (RIFFI). From the beginning the association has served as a platform for women to deal with various issues e.g. integration, jobs, education, family affairs etc.

The Swedish Federation of Immigrant Women’s Organisations RIFFI addresses itself to all women irrespective of their nationality and their political and religious background. The Federation was established in 1974 and has over the years helped break the isolation that many immigrant women experience, thus providing support and offering a wide range of activities to its members.

RIFFI has implemented projects aimed to improving the quality of life for its members. Some of these projects are connected to the search for identity, strengthening one’s self-confidence, empowerment, health issues, and counselling for abused women.
RIFFI led the campaign to ban female genital mutilation in Sweden, which resulted in a law in 1982. At an early stage, RIFFI brought to the Government’s attention the family patterns, which encourage and sometimes force immigrant girls to marry at an early age. In 2004 a new law on child and forced marriage was adopted.

At an international level, RIFFI has contributed to forming an international action group concerned with the immigrant woman’s participation in the democratic process. The Federation also collaborates with different networks in order to increase awareness on the situation of immigrant women in Europe and beyond. RIFFI is a member of e.g. the Swedish Women's Lobby, United Nations Association of Sweden, and several others organisations. RIFFI has consultative status on women issues in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - ECOSOC.

IFFI Stockholm has approximately 700 members and as the name implies located in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. IFFI Stockholm offers courses in Swedish, English, Spanish, sewing and art. Other activities include Open House for highlighting and discussing current issues, information on legal rights and responsibilities in the Swedish society, consumer guidance, cultural programmes, and several projects to empower women and support women and their families with the integration process.

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